Sunday, March 21, 2010

3rd Week- Camp and Soccer

Its already the 3rd week of March, is it?? It seems to me that time is running too fast, just like when you fast-forwarded a video (*sigh)..

As for this week, I'm going to Peninsula again on Wednesday (again!) for a SUKMA Camp for the Federal Teritorries athletes (Labuan, Putrajaya & Kuala Lumpur Federal Teritorries). I'm a bit worried because I know that I need to catch up a lot in my study(this time its for two-weeks worth of classes) because of my active involvement in sports and for sure it means EXTRA efforts and works from me. (be positive,positive ~.~)

This weekend is another round of the Bola Sepak IPT Piala YB Menteri Pengajian Tinggi at UiTM Sabah's Sports Complex. I'm one of the crew on duty along with several students to assist with the event. The competing team for today (Sunday 21st) was UiTM Sabah (red jersey) vs. MasterSkills KK (blue jersey). UiTM's soccer team won the match with 5-nil at the end of the game. I hope that our team will keep up their efforts, their team works and their need-to-win spirits to grab the champion title. But big thanks and applauses goes to the team's coach and the UiTM's sports officers for their supports..